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Starting in the insurance and financial services industry with Adulting Done Right is easy because it can be flexible to whatever you want to accomplish.

We help you enroll in the class to be life insurance licensed in the states you would like to work. The process is step by step, and full training is available every step of the way by proven managers and top salespeople in the industry.

Our proven system has created what people strive to accomplish. If you are looking for a part-time, full-time, side hustle, or career, we invite you to help us help others and have the skills and backing to earn an average of over $1,000 a week regularly. Are you ready to help others?


Time Flexibility

Determine your income and time commitment by adapting your schedule and working when it fits your needs within our system.

Great Pay

No one will limit you on your earning potential. Get paid what your work ethic and skill set determine, not your education or experience presets.

Career Growth

Get a career with unlimited growth potential, anywhere in the country, and the flexibility to move for your reasons, not for the company to relocate you.


Repeatable Process

Using our proven methods of helping clients have helped others achieve their financial and career goals.

Abundant Clientele

Our industry is one of a very few that will never run out of clients. As a result, we have clients continuously asking for us to meet with them.

Proven Mentors

Our network of agents and managers has started where you were and navigated the path towards success. We, as a team, all share what is needed to achieve our goals.